What actually happened in competitive fantasy football leagues?

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What is Fantasy Outliers?

We're a scrappy startup who believes that combining the best of what data science has to offer with human expertise can beat the status quo fantasy football projections and strategies.

This site answers the question: what actually happened in competitive leagues? We took an exploratory data analysis approach where the you will follow your own path. Once inside, you'll have access to insider information, much of which the so-called experts don't even know about. We'll dive into the draft, compare player and team performance, define benchmarks for your league, and allow you to see fantasy football like never before.

We also have a Podcast, Articles, and Projections for the 2017 regular season (coming soon). So these are actually the best way to stay in touch:

At Fantasy Outliers, we believe we're on the cusp of a new era of data science in fantasy football. We're a small group, but we aim to be on the forefront of this exciting horizon. Join us on our journey. We promise it will be fun and informative!