The Fundamentals

Review league settings, Learn about the dataset, & Understand Average Weekly Value, Total Season Value, and Weeks Started

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The Dataset for 10-Team Standard Leagues:

The Metrics

Each year, we calculate three statistics:

  • Weeks Started: The average number of times each player was started across all leagues in our dataset
  • Average Weekly Value: The average number of points the player won or lost for an average team each time he was started
  • Total Season Value: The total number of points the player won or lost for an average team throughout the course of a season

The entire analysis, from The Basics to Drafts to Best & Worst Players to Draft Patterns are based on these metrics. Click below to learn about the metrics in greater detail.

Detailed look into how Weeks Started is Calculated

Weeks Started is calculated for each player for the regular season (Weeks 1-13) in every year. It simply calculates the proportion of leagues in which the player started, and then, adds them up. Simple as that. So for Deangelo Williams in 2016, it would look something like, (Week 1) 0.7 (or 70% of leagues started him) + (Week 2) 0.8 + (Week 3) 0.0 + ... = 3.7. So 3.7 Weeks Started in 2016. For reference, Adrian Peterson usually had nearly 12 Weeks Started in 2016.